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This channel aims to educate consumers about weaknesses and defects in security devices so they can make better security decisions. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: do not use any of the information presented in my videos for illegal purposes.

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Please note that I do not recommend locks, nor do I provide assistance in opening them. For advice getting started in locksport, I recommend the “University” at LockLab.com. For all other inquiries, email me (channel name at gmail). One final note - I usually receive over one hundred emails each day, and though I spend a couple hours a day answering emails, I can’t answer them all. Apologies in advance if your email is one that slips through the cracks.



4:58[1289] This Lock Is Indisputably “Pickproof”
[1289] This Lock Is Indisputably “Pickproof”Ko‘rishlar soni 418 mingKun oldin
2:04[1288] A Veneer Of Security: Yale 221B Padlock Picked
2:04[1286] “Grand Theft Auto” Cash Deposit Bag Picked
[1286] “Grand Theft Auto” Cash Deposit Bag PickedKo‘rishlar soni 471 ming8 kun oldin
2:11[1285] Abus Bordo Lite Folding Bike Lock Picked (Model 6055)
2:11[1284] 1990’s GE Internet Lock Picked
[1284] 1990’s GE Internet Lock PickedKo‘rishlar soni 407 ming8 kun oldin
4:48[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?
[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?Ko‘rishlar soni 1.6 mln15 kun oldin
1:48[1282] As Seen On Shark Tank: The BenjiLock
[1282] As Seen On Shark Tank: The BenjiLockKo‘rishlar soni 682 ming15 kun oldin
1:41[1279] “CrabLock” Opened In Surprising Way
[1279] “CrabLock” Opened In Surprising WayKo‘rishlar soni 465 ming22 kun oldin
2:10[1278] Yale’s Improved Model Y114/60 Padlock
[1278] Yale’s Improved Model Y114/60 PadlockKo‘rishlar soni 282 ming22 kun oldin
1:44[1277] The “WowLock” Wows... For The Wrong Reasons
[1277] The “WowLock” Wows... For The Wrong ReasonsKo‘rishlar soni 553 ming22 kun oldin
2:52[1276] Decoded FAST: Master Lock 5415D Key Lockbox
[1276] Decoded FAST: Master Lock 5415D Key LockboxKo‘rishlar soni 309 ming29 kun oldin
2:27[1272] Good Job Master Lock... Kinda.
[1272] Good Job Master Lock... Kinda.Ko‘rishlar soni 1.7 mlnOy oldin
2:54[1271] The Deceptively Cheap-Looking Commando Lock
[1271] The Deceptively Cheap-Looking Commando LockKo‘rishlar soni 427 mingOy oldin
2:26[1270] Same Garbage, Different Name... A Common Problem
3:14[1269] Meet Locks Bicycle U-Lock Picked
[1269] Meet Locks Bicycle U-Lock PickedKo‘rishlar soni 254 mingOy oldin
2:04[1268] Jaguar XK8 Door Lock Picked
[1268] Jaguar XK8 Door Lock PickedKo‘rishlar soni 314 mingOy oldin
2:32[1267] Thank You, Lobster Lock
[1267] Thank You, Lobster LockKo‘rishlar soni 953 mingOy oldin
3:13[1266] My 18-Inch Long Johnson (April Fools Video)
2:41[1265] Gardall Hotel Safe Opened With CI Jigglers
[1265] Gardall Hotel Safe Opened With CI JigglersKo‘rishlar soni 232 mingOy oldin
3:03[1264] Decoding 4-Dial Disc Padlocks
[1264] Decoding 4-Dial Disc PadlocksKo‘rishlar soni 237 mingOy oldin
3:03[1262] Using Thermite To MELT Open Bike Locks!
[1262] Using Thermite To MELT Open Bike Locks!Ko‘rishlar soni 649 mingOy oldin
2:00[1261] Hard Outside, Soft Inside - FAI by Viro Model 4026


  • *"If you see it on the road, remember that these safes are great place to store your dirty laundry"* _OOF,_ LPL is savage xD So what do you call a safe when it's not safe?

  • Yeah, vibrating while turning clockwise always does the trick! At least that's what she said.

  • This door is the closest we have ever been to seeing L.P.L.'s face.

  • That "dirty laundry" quip is like finishing your opponent with a fatality/brutality move in Mortal Kombat.

  • It's not a fluke is LPL's version of it's never lupus.

  • First jiggle I thought it might be a fluke. Second jiggle I knew it wasn’t.

  • There's a hotel out there which is missing the door to one of their room safes...

  • I enjoy watching a pair of jigglers, especially in the right hands!

  • LPL when he realized the lock was still pickable: *yare yare*

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  • It sounds like every occupant should change the override code before they use it.

  • I'm not storing my dirty laundry in there! It'll be stolen!

  • I saw that LPL uploaded and thought it would be the Stuff Made Here lock. 😢

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  • Oh im early

  • "Remember this safe is a good place to store your dirty laundry" Holy shit, this was already a brutal video but you really didn't have to go for the throat LPL. You could have taken their dignity and left them alive.

  • Oh.. when I heard “Baby, I swear it wasn’t a fluke” in the room next door at the hotel I never assumed it was someone picking a lock. Learn something new 🤷‍♂️

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  • you have a nice day to

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  • "These safes are a great place to store your dirty laundry" -- LockpickingLawyer, 2021

    • I roasted coffee at home for a while but I've never seen such a roast!

  • Got here faster than it takes to open this safe

    • I believe you meant safe was opened faster than it took you to get here

  • You should sell Tshirts that say “ that was not a fluke”

  • Thank you LPL I knew virtually nothing about locks before I started watching your vids now I am expert lock breaker

  • I think LPL should unlock the entire hotel ;)

    • Its very easy with shady staff giving out room keys 🔑

  • Great demonstration. Those safes are a joke for securing anything. Very nice set of Jigglers you have created. Thanks for this video, cheers

  • question to the LockPickingLawyer couldn't a lock use springs that are harder to compress than normal to where they just break lockpicking tools, though it would require more strength to open it with the key. (please note i don't actually most surface level knowledge)

  • LP video with "pickproof" in the name, almost 5 minutes long. "We're in for a treat" I thought. Forgot about the gutting part. =\

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  • I love how this guy made a career by locks

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  • More like an UN-safe, am I right? ...yeah, I didn't laugh either.

  • Just sitting here waiting for the stuff made here lock.

    • I checked SMH's channel after seeing comments yesterday. He said LPL received the improved lock in the past week. Since this is a one-off lock designed with features suggested by LPL, this will likely take a while to develop a viable attack.

    • Yeah i really want to see that!!!

    • @Bren he fixed those and sent the lock already to LPL. you can check it, he commented on that video:)

    • Why do people spam this? IIRC Stuff Made Here went back to redo the lock because it had a few bypasses and he never got to fixing it.

    • Yes PLEASE!

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  • I think if you ever went to jail, you would pick the jail cell lock and leave the door open just to mess with the guards.

  • Live it to Amazon to sell garbage they literally will sell anything and they don’t care.

  • A pinning tray? What's that? I haven't seen that in what feels like years

  • What utter junk! What on earth has happened to Yale? It's Abus for me from now on.

  • also gotta consider where the lock would be positioned, when applied to a brake disc it will make it alot harder to pick.

  • Have you ever designed a pickproof lock?

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  • You make me sick hahaha

  • You all should start spelling it, Knotty Bucket, as in the knot holes of a tree being harder to drill through without trouble, and tied knots in a rope, being tight and difficult to unbind...a Bucket for Knotty Locks...

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  • “Conventional tools” is probably a butter knife

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  • "It would be hard to do WORSE," haha! This is the easiest, quickest lock you've ever picked, right?

  • Haha, I think the zip-tie offers more security _as_ a lock itself, because while they, too, are pickable, they're even harder to pick than this and it's best to just cut them. So in that case... yeah, you have to have a cutting tool with those!

  • Haha, got me. This video is indisputably "clickbait"

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  • I'm surprised that anyone takes the New York Times seriously any more. For years now, they haven't been 'breaking news.' The 'Grey Lady' days of investigative reporting are long gone - now, like most 'news' websites and channels, they react to news and give their opinion about it. They just use a fancier font than most.